Sunday, November 6, 2011

The bday pics you've been waiting for! :) 24 years young and 88lbs lighter.

I had THE best time last night!! Thank you all for all the wonderful bday wishes! Even though I said it a bazillion times already, thank you to all my friends who came out last night to make my night truly special! It was so much fun. Here are some pics!!

My sissy and step mommy before dinner 

Birthday girl at The Melting Pot 

my best friend in the world, my sister 

my not so tini, martini

posing in the bathroom!

My right hand Whoa-man. 

The dinner crew :)

Birthday girl in the house! 

Champagne sippin' 

My brother in law, my sis in law, and my man - Fam[ILY] 

Call me the love maker. I introduced these two a couple years back and now they are engaged :) Claire and Julian

Friends since the 4th grade! 

gettin' down on the town!! 

LOL goofball singing something to me! 

Heyyyyy yaaaaa

Love this chic!! 

My friend, my sis in law, my fitness partner in crime 

love of my life. 

My girl Taryn traveled four hours to be with me on my bday! 



Unknown said...

wow do you ever look amazing! and sexy!! your outfit is fabulous and you are serious BEAMING!! you look so happy and you deserve happiness! and to be proud! you are amazing and you inspire my own weight loss journey everyday. i always look foward to your posts and iv been waiting patiently for this one. thanks for posting. x

Kim said...

Im all late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I agree you look amazing and you look like you had the best time ever!! You and your bf are too cute, you guys make a great couple! Oh and the video is too funny reminds me of my drunk moments lol ;)

Sarah said...

Glad you had a great time and you looked stunning!

Lauren Jones said...

Not much I can say other than WOW. You look amazing and obviously had a wonderful time! Happy birthday xxx

Sarah said...

You have such a beautiful smile!


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