Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Wrap Up / Inspirational Moments / Healthy Women On The Move!

I've been a horrible blogger!!! Haven't blogged since last Sunday?? I do apologize! It's been a hectic week.

First and foremost: To answer the question, "Do you ever have weeks when you gain?"....YES. YES, I do. This week, even though I felt as though I did pretty well (despite my lil slip up on Friday), I managed to gain 2.8lbs! Almost 3lbs! I was pretty bent out of shape yesterday about it but with the help of friends and family who know exactly what I would say to them if the tables were turned, I was able to shake it. Onward and downward!!

I did have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Food came out fabulous. Spending time with the family is always awesome. I am very blessed to have future in laws who I love dearly and who treat me like their own. Here are a few pics from our Thanksgiving:

The proud chef!

Everybody getting down!

Hanging out with my family :) 

 After dinner my sister in law and I walked to Starbucks for coffee and along the way we wanted to take a picture by the Christmas tree in the casino. So we were looking for somebody to take our picture and noticed a family looking for the same thing. I am so glad that I offered to take their picture because what an inspiring moment that followed!!! The ladies started asking us where we were from and what we do and the one lady said "I'm from California! I can't wait to run on the boardwalk in the morning. I run 10 miles!" and simultaneously my sister in law and I said "10 MILES??!" .......turns out she is an 80 YEAR OLD MARATHON RUNNER!!!!! She is running the Disney Marathon in January. She has been running all her life and she was just so proud of herself. She was so precious. She said "Last year I wore a jacket and on the back it said 'You just got passed by a 79 year old!' but this year I need a new one because now I'm 80!" LOL! They ended up jumping in on a picture with us and I am so glad they did! If that doesn't inspire you to get up and DO SOMETHING, I don't know what will!!

She is in the yellow jacket to my right. 

That was quite a coffee run!!

Last night I took my honey out for his birthday a couple days early (His bday is tomorrow) and after I got dressed I said:
1) got a HOTT girlfriend. and 
2) Gain? What gain? 

I felt so dag on good about myself...check me out! 

The love of my life. 

We had a really good time. I've said it 100x before and I'll say it again. This man is my world. He has loved every inch of me from the very beginning and is definitely double loving every inch that's left!! He is simply the best. 

LAST but definitely NOT least! 

Check me out on the conference call with the lovely ladies of Healthy Women On The Move. You can LIKE them on Facebook by clicking that link. Even though many of you know my journey from reading my blog, I found last week that it is a whole new world actually listening to a woman tell her story rather than type it. So please join us at 8PM Eastern time. You can tune in by dialing 424-203-8000 and use the pin code 301815. Hope to hear you on the call!

Count your blessings! 



Mom on a mission said...

You look wonderful, love the dress!!! Having a supportive man is the best gift ever!!

Unknown said...

i saw the thanksgiving pictures of you and thought, holy shit, she looks amazing. then i saw the red dress pictures and thought - holy shit, she is SEXY! you look so're such an inspiration and i think my readers would think the same. i would love to have you write for my blog sometime, it would be nice to show my readers the blogs i follow faithfully and the people that inspire me. give me a shout!

Sarah said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, yes there are weeks we gain, I gained 1 lb this week with no explanation for it besides not working out like I normally do, not letting it bother me but instead motivate me to push harder this week!
You look smoking in the dress! Glad you have a man that has stood by you through thick and thin, I am proud to say I have one as well, he's been my rock through this all!

daphnect said...

You look so flipping fabulously skinny!!! Congrats on your wonderful Thanksgiving Day and please girl don't you stress about that tiny gain because have you seen yourself lately, yowza!! :) I so enjoyed hearing your story last night and I honey I continue to be inspired by your strength and determination! You rock!! Oh and Granny is the bomb!!!

Lindy said...

You're awesome! :)

michelmack said...

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