Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Moment Of Fame!

Did you see it??? Did you see my moment of Facebook fame???? If not, go check out the Weight Watchers Facebook page! They posted the winners of the Story Of You Contest and posted MY video! It was so cool, so unreal, to be talked about on a page with almost 900,000 fans! When I saw it I seriously didn't stop crying for about 20 minutes. I just can't believe that ME...little old Krystle Bailey from South Jersey is doing something significant in life! If you asked me prior to 2010 if I would be recognized for anything that had to do with healthy, fitness, losing weight, and so on...I would have looked at you like you had 20 heads and told you something to the effect of "Pssh I don't wanna be skinny. I love who I am and I'm not meant to be skinny. I'm big boned" ........... o_O

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be living this life right here, right now...losing weight, getting fit, inspiring others, and being recognized for it! It is such a surreal feeling. Where I came from...where I'm at...where I'm headed.....just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. But trust me, there is much more to come where I'm headed!! I have big plans and they don't just revolve around changing MY life.

Oh and for the record,....I'm not "big boned"...I actually have a rather small frame!

I really am at a loss for words other than that. I am still soaking it all in! I'll bring more goodies soon! 



Lunges And Lipstick said...

I'm so proud of you! You're gorgeous inside out! Please keep inspiring people...including me!

Unknown said...

awesome!! you look so great!

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