Monday, October 31, 2011

Did you ever wonder where the weight goes??? ;; Happy Healthy Halloween wishes.

1st and foremost: NATALIE!! If you're reading, please email me!! You have won the giveaway and I have no way to contact you! Email me at 

I hoped to have some recipes to share with you today but I don't. They came out yucky. Bummer. I usually have great success in the kitchen but I tried to make two recipes for our Halloween get together that we have every year and neither one came out good. They were from my WW cookbook too, which normally doesn't fail me. I TRIED making cheese straws and roasted red pepper dip. The straws were just plain gross and the dip came out as more of a soup than a dip.

Anyway, I'm bringing Apple Cinnamon wine that you serve good!!!! I am totally focused and staying on track tonight!! I will post pics of our costumes tomorrow!

My Weigh In this weekend:: I lost 1.6 again this week!! Just dwindling away :) This puts me at 87.2lbs GONE. I almost gave up on my mission to lose 90 by my birthday since I stayed the same one week but now I only have 2.8 to lose! Can I do it???? I have been tracking EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth. I mean everything. I think if I continue to stay focused I can come pretty darn close!

So, my mom asked me a while ago "When you lose weight, where does the fat go??" ...I am positive that she is not the only one to wonder that. I did some research and I could put it all into scientific terms but who wants to read that?? So here is a short video that I found explaining where the weight goes:

Interesting!! Considering I am constantly in the bathroom, it doesn't surprise me that I have been successful in losing weight almost every week. Again, that's why I strive on H2O - constantly!!

One more goody to share with you. In case you haven't already seen this from Hungry Girl, here it is again. This is her Massive Halloween Candy Guide! It has all the nutritional facts as well as the PointsPlus values for any Halloween candy you can think of!

STAY FOCUSED TONIGHT LOSERS!!!! YOU ARE IN CONTROL!!!! This is the start of the "eating season"....are you going to come out on top???? I know I am! Food doesn't control me. I control me.

On that note, have a very Happy and SAFE Halloween!! *And if you don't want the candy in your house - check out your local dentist - many of them are offering money to trade in your Halloween candy and sending the candy to the US Troops. If the dentist doesn't want it, the individuals who eat at soup kitchens and depend on the Salvation Army for their nourishment, don't get many treats - share the love with them. 



Daphne said...

Congrats to you my dear friend on such a wonderful WI you know you are kicking weight loss behind!!! Halloween has been officially cancelled here in my town due to the storm bringing down powerlines all over the place so this is kind of a blessing :) no candy in my house today!!!

Manda722 said...

I LOOVEEEEEEEEEEE Hungry Girl!!!!!!!!!!!! And I cant wait to see pics of costumes! :)

Mom on a mission said...

Thank you for this post....I really needed some extra encouragment today!

Sharon said...

Great job on the loss! You def can lose 2.8 by your birthday!! Go Girl!

Unknown said...

Congrats on all your achievements!!! :)

....where on earth did you find apple cinnamon wine? i have never heard of such a thing, it sounds AMAZING!

Ashley said...

You can do it:)

Unknown said...

Congrats on the weight loss. You CAN make your goal by your birthday and you WILL make it. Keep doing what you're doing and you will make it for sure.

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