Saturday, October 15, 2011

Moment Of Truth!

Lucky you! You get 2 posts from me today :)

Moment of Truth: The other night as my boyfriend was getting a snack shortly after dinner I asked him "Are you really still hungry or are you just eating just to eat?" and we got into a discussion about it. Long story short, tonight we are hanging out and have just been sitting around shooting the breeze and he has been munching on and off. Finally, I was up walking around and I grabbed some PB&J on a small tortilla and as I put the last bite in my mouth he said: "Are you eating because you're hungry or because you're bored??"

My speedy and honest response that came as a shock even to myself:: "Eating because I'm bored. Well, not even bored but because you're eating and I just felt like eating too. I'm not hungry."


*shaking my head at myself* I immediately went and brushed my teeth and mouth washed to avoid any further unnecessary munching (because what tastes good with mouth wash breath???...nothing.). Regroup. Gain control. Onward.

Confession is good for the soul. lol. I'm far from perfect!! Here goes my unpaid Weight Watchers announcement: The beauty is that I can track that uncontrolled munching, which makes it not really so out of control. Weekly allowance points are Weight Watchers gift to me for being human.Thanks, Weight Watchers.

  • Wild rice has approximately 30 fewer calories per half cup serving than brown rice and about a gram less fat?? 
  • Grape seeds contain compounds that may help ward off Alzheimer's disease? 
  • On average people consume 570 more calories per day than they did in the 1970's? 
*The above are just a few random facts that I found while reading Women's Health today, a magazine that I have never subscribed to yet somehow have been receiving regularly lol* 

One more PSA: In a haste to finish my previous blog while my daughter was yanking at my leg I forgot to mention the most important thing! But instead of me summing it up, I'm going to share with you a comment that my good friend Erica posted on my Facebook regarding my last post.

"Great blog .... Here are my thoughts though : you might have been invisible to other men but clearly you weren't invisible to the man who saw u for u, who loved u for your inner beauty and loved every inch of your body.. Now that's what its truly about.. and if u feel he's loving you more now that your slimmed that's not the case. he's LOVING YOU MORE B/C YOU HAVE FOUND A NEW LOVE FOR YOURSELF .. Remember no can love u till you learn to love yourself and from your photos your head over heels for yourself and that's exactly how it should be.."

Can I get an Amen??! I love that girl. Thanks again E for being you! 

  Until next time ladies and gents, 


Unknown said...

i really really enjoy your blogs. you're very inspiring!

Krys said...

your friend is one smart cookie! :)

Unknown said...

Good Morning hun just wanted to tell you i nominated you for a kreativ blogger award.
Have a great week

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