Friday, October 28, 2011

Giveaway Reminder / Some Other Things!

Gooood Friday Morning!!

Today is the last day to enter my first ever Giveaway!. Thank you for all who have entered and the new followers that have come along with it! I loved reading all your inspirations. This evening I will post another blog with the process of choosing the winner and of course, the big winner!!!

S2H Step

Hope everyone had an awesome week. I have obviously been slacking on blogging but I just wanted the giveaway to be the focus of the blog this week. Anyway, I'm not so sure how my weigh in will go tomorrow. I know I say that often then end up losing anyway but this week has been a rough one! I had to really check myself after last weekend. I was just reading David Kirchnoff's blog (The CEO of Weight Watchers). He had a little segment that I can relate to 1,000% ! Reading this post came just at the right time for me. He said:

One of the aspects of maintenance that I struggle the most with is the following thought in the recesses of my mind:  that any day I will receive the following notice:

Dear Mr. Kirchhoff, 
We have reviewed our records, and it has come to our attention that your visa in our beautiful country has expired.  You are now in violation of our laws, and we are beginning steps to have you immediately deported. 
Thanks for visiting us. 
The citizens of Thin-landia
 Not that I am in maintenance YET but I do have that recurring thought that this could be just a phase and at any moment I could go back to being the same old Fat Krystle that I have always been. It could happen. It won't. But it could. Read the rest of that blog here. He goes on to talk about some very interesting topics about self image.

*Keeping myself in CHECK...not going back to the land of "Heavyopolis" as Mr. Kirchnoff calls it* 

Birthday is next Saturday!!! I ended up not buying a dress since my friend Courtney let me borrow a couple dresses to choose from. I'm not going to post pics until after my bday but I'm wearing a cute little purple thang with some lacey tights and I have to find some awesome shoes. :) I'm excited! The birthday was NOT supposed to revolve around food and I will make sure that it doesn't but we decided to have dinner at The Melting Pot - a fondue restaurant that only serves a FOUR course meal on Saturday nights. lol But afterwards I plan to dance it off. I'm thinking KARAOKE! 

LOL this is the last time I went for some Karaoke with the girls! (No I hadn't been drinking hahaha)

I'm just excited to have some fun with my friends and celebrate what has been an INCREDIBLE year!! 

More later! 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway! I'll extend the entry period until tonight because I probably won't get to it until after I get back from food shopping after work tonight. Good luck to everyone who entered! \


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