Saturday, October 8, 2011

Celebrations, polls, challenges, and all that good stuff!!

Hey guys,

How is everyone today??? As for me - fabulous, as usual! It's hard to bring me down from my cloud these days haha So AWESOME news: I AM IN THE 160's!!!!! I weighed in today at 169! Down 1.6 for the week and a total of 84lbs. Super exciting! I took this pic today and made this side by side collage (You know I love my collages!!)

So other than that, I have a few things I want to talk about / ask opinions about.

I'm debating what I want to be my actual goal weight. Here's my dilemma. I like the whole "even number" idea. Now, I could make my goal to lose 100lbs (even), which would put me at 153 (odd) OR I could make my goal to lose 103lbs (odd), which would put me at 150 (even).  See my issue? LOL I know that ultimately it is up to me and I should go where I feel comfortable but I am curious to see my biggest supporters' opinions so feel free to take the poll below....(I hope it works! haha)

What should Krystle's goal be?

I'm joining Sarah @ She's Coming Undone in her challenge to reach goal by Christmas! I don't normally put a time frame on my goals but I started to recently. However, I refuse to be discouraged if I don't reach them by a certain time. The one and only time frame I put on my goals was to lose 50lbs by the time my baby turned one and I exceeded that goal by 12-13lbs. Now that I am nearing the end of the journey to the goal, I need a few smaller goals to celebrate so I am aiming to lose 90lbs by my birthday (November 5th) and 100 or 103lbs by Christmas, which leads me to my next topic.

My birthday last year

I feel as though the holidays this year are going to be my biggest test as to whether or not I can do this FOR LIFE. Last year I was just starting out and pretty much took the whole month of December off from plan. This year, I will hopefully be at my goal weight and pursuing lifetime status. This year will be the true test of what I have learned over the preceding 15 months.

If you didn't get Weight Watchers magazine this month and are thinking about the holidays, my suggestion is you go out and buy it. It had so many great tips for surviving Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and everything. I will definitely be using some of those recipes this holiday season!

The other day I was at school in the student center, drinking coffee, and reading my WW Mag and realized something. I am so proud of being a Weight Watcher that I breathe success. In younger years it wasn't something to be proud of. It wasn't cool to be the overweight kid trying to lose weight but that most of my friends are in the process of losing weight or wanting to lose weight, now it's nothing to hide. Now, I am the cool kid. hahaha jk. But I do think that being so proud of my journey and being willing to show it off and talk to people about it has been a big part of why I have been so successful this time around.

My honey said today that he is trying his Body For Life program that he has been successful on in the past and if that doesn't work then he is joining Weight Watchers with me. I wish him all the best, of course, but I would LOVE if he was on this ride with me! I've said it a million times and I'll say it again, this man is amazing. He never has looked at my size, just at ME, and I so appreciate him for that.

My #1 Fan 

Until next time, God Bless,

and remember: A Setback is just a setup for a COME BACK!


Kim said...

Your pics are awesome and you look amazing. Your daughter is a cutie BTW and you and your bf are such a cute couple. Wish you all the best. I'm still waiting for my magazine in the mail :( I better get it too lol I love being on ww too and love putting it out there and helping others.

Unknown said...

Well done sweetie on getting into the 160's that's great news, you must be so pleased! The difference is amazing and never fails to amaze me when I look at it. You have done so well and should be so proud!

As for the voting I said wait and see, I chose that because I think at the moment both ways is going to have an odd and an even, but I think its about seeing what you feel most comfortable with. If you get to 153 and feel happy stay there, if you decide to go to 150 then you do. But until you get to 153 I don't think your be able to make the decision in all honesty!

I am sooo pleased to have you join in with the Christmas challenge! I think its good to have a goal to head for, and if you don't meet it, then you don't, but at least your be trying to reach it!

I always find Christmas the hardest time, I think everyone does, but I think plan ahead for it, and use ww friendly menus and you be okay! The downfall I normally have is chocolates, which are going to be hard to resist! But having your hubby on side will help you make it through the holidays! Just remember you get more points on maintenance, so be at goal for Xmas and your have more to play with! :)

Keep up the good work sweetie, your so inspirational to us all! xxx

DaphneCT said...

What's the # for your "healthy weight range"?

Sarah said...

You look so skinny! Hell, you are skinny!


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