Saturday, October 22, 2011

Because She's Krystle...

ahh why do I cry so much??! Lol it's like embarrassing after a while! Every week at Weight Watchers, it never fails - whenever I say something - I get watery eyed. I'm so freakin' emotional about this whole thing! Well, I'm emotional about everything but especially about this journey. Today in my meeting my Bo-Pop (my grandfather) summed it up in 3 words..I told the story about the woman I mentioned in my last blog. The lady who stopped coming to Weight Watchers meetings because she didn't think NSV's were worth celebrating. Mind you, I don't even know this woman!! But when I told the story, I ended it with "And I just feel so bad! *with tears in my eyes*" and Stephanie said "Well, why do you feel bad?" .....and that's when Bo-Pop chimed in: "Because she's Krystle" 

I just have such a big heart. Like there are people who are genuine and there are people who love their families and their friends and people who feel sorry for others and then there's ME. I seriously am convinced that when God made me he looked through all the hearts he had in storage and picked out the largest one he could find for me then searched around for the biggest tear ducts and the biggest set of emotions and combined them to produce Krystle Bailey and said "Here you go, world...enjoy...but beware: If you tell her anything inspiring, sad, happy, or just hug her too tight she might start leaking" 

but 99.99% of the time they are happy tears!!

*sigh* ...I love who I am though. God made me who I am for a reason and even though it's sometimes embarrassing to cry the way I do, I am perfectly made in His image and I'm okay with that.

My friend once told me, "I've never met anyone quite like you. If you had a jar full of love and what you had to give and you had *this much*, you would give THIS MUCH!"

Soo anyway, I lost 1.6 this week for a total of 85.6! Whoop Whoop! Today I am spending the day with my honey. We are going to hang out at the pool for a bit and then going to the Food and Wine festival. Tonight is a family birthday party for my nephew. SO all of that combined, I have to strive to focus on tracking. We just talked about this in our meeting about how the weekends are so challenging!!! I am terribly guilty of getting too lax on my tracking during the weekend. I bite here, a nibble there, it's terrible!

Have a wonderful, healthy, happy Saturday folks!!
Krystle... *tear* lol j/k


Bridgit said...

Hahaha, "kick rocks", I say that all the time!!!

Anyway, I LOVE this post so much! :) Just wanted you to know!!! And, yes the weekends are challenging, but you know how to manage and keep yourself in check with your tracking! Plus, you are ALLOWED to cheat, once in a while, so have enjoy your weekend :) Much love to you!

Mom on a mission said...

I cry at everything too...commercials, tv shows, movies, songs, books makes us "special" :) Way to go on your weigh in! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...

I'm not an openly emotional person, but as I get older and I have more life experiences I find that I can get teary eyed at the drop of a hat. I've also found that the more weight I lose the more emotional I become. It's like I've lost all that weight and hiding places for my emotions!

I'm glad your really emotional. I think it makes up for my lack of emotion!


Sarah said...

I'm an emotional person too, so don't feel bad, your not the only one out there, commercials make me cry LOL
Great job on your loss and progress!

JackieC said...

Krystle--I am emo like yourself and cry if I hear a beautiful song. (I'm usually in sniffles whenever the children at my school put on a concert!!!)

We are right-brained--creative, imaginative and sensitive. Michaelangelo WEPT after finishing sculpting "La Pieta". If the world didn't have people like yourself, then evil would triumph. Keep on crying--it washes the soul! : ) xoxo

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