Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ready to BE what I've been working so hard to BECOME!

+1.4 last week.
+0.2 this week.

Down 100.4lbs total.

But more important than ^ that number is the fact that I am healthy. I'm healthy and I'm happy. For once I am not upset about a gain or two gains but I am content. I'm okay because I know that I have made life long changes and although the scale may not reflect those changes recently, I know that they are there.

I read a blog once by my friend Helene about wanting to eat and act like a "skinny person". She spoke about how she was going away for the weekend and didn't want to track points or obsess over everything she put in her mouth, that she just wanted to do what skinny people do. I know you're wondering, how do skinny people eat???

First of all, I'm going to replace the word "skinny" with "healthy" from this point forward.

How do healthy people eat?

Healthy people don't force themselves to finish their food just because they spent money on it or "because there are starving kids in Africa".

Healthy people offer to share their food with the company they are with.

Healthy people drink lots of water and avoid unnecessary sugar and fat.

Healthy people stay active day in and day out.

When healthy people go out to eat they naturally choose the healthiest thing they can find on the menu, ask the server to hold any sauces or gravy or put them on the side, and choose things like steamed veggies over fries.

Healthy people don't OBSESS!

That last line is where I'm at right now. I'm done with obsessing. Obsessing over what that number says and every morsel I put in my mouth is equally as unhealthy for the mind as stuffing my face is unhealthy for my body. I'm ready to take everything that I have learned in the past year and a half and BE the healthy person that I have been working so hard to become.

As mentioned before, I am planning to follow Simply Filling for the next several weeks and that is still the plan. However I am ready to put my lessons into action by living life as a "healthy" person - not just someone on the Weight Watchers plan. If that makes any sense?

At the end of the day, I am THERE. I AM at a healthy weight. I never thought I'd see the day that I weigh 152lbs again!! I weighed that in 6th grade!! I am teaching my daughter healthy habits. I love that her favorite foods are rice cakes and bananas. I can run and jump and play with her. I'm inspiring everybody around me to take care of their health. This IS who I am. "Health" and "fitness" are words that go hand in hand with "Krystle". And in my opinion, THAT matters much, much more than a number on the scale. The rest will come when it does.


safire said...

Great positive energy! It really is about the overall big picture :). I remember starting out I wanted to make sure I wasn't trading one addiction for another addiction. Being healthy is more important than being skinny! It is not hand in hand for sure!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Barbara Finley said...

Healthy, Healthy, Healthy, that is what it is all about! NO, you don't have to eat all your food and the kids in Africa aren't going to be any more hungry because you didn't eat all your food.

Anonymous said...

I defiantly need to have you mantra. I always worry about the scale but I really need to concentrate on my non scale victories. Way to go girl, you have learned a lesson to last you a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

This entire entry reminds me of bethenny frankel's book Naturally Thin. Its a VERY good read and while she uses the words "thin" and "skinny girl", she stresses that its a mindset, not reflective of your numbers on a scale. ~toni

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