Friday, April 27, 2012

Plan for Summer Festivities!!

This weekend: Bay Fest (A festival in my area Saturday), friends in town, which means going out Saturday night, March of Dimes walk, and a baby shower.

Next weekend: Attending a wedding, more friends in town Saturday, my graduation and graduation party on Sunday.

The following weekend: Mother's day - making the rounds.

Then there's BBQ's, parties, showers, bachelorette parties, more weddings, my daughter's birthday, 4th of July, all the way up until Vacation the last week in August.

Summer hasn't even begun yet and it's already jam packed weekends! How is one to stay on plan??!!!

The last three weekends between our vacation, Easter, and my sister's bridal shower, there have been things going on that I completely overate and every time Sunday night rolled around, I was kicking myself in the butt!!! While that completely SUCKED, I think it set the bar for me for the upcoming weekends.

Going into this weekend as well as the ones to come, I am going to be constantly reminding myself of how I felt after the previous weekends and how I do NOT want to feel again!! It feels good to feel good! And feels crappy to feel crappy!!!

So I need a plan!!

That plan is Simply Filling. I've mentioned Simply Filling before and how it has worked for me so starting after I step off the scale tomorrow, I am going back to the Simply Filling technique. This means eating all power foods and staying away from JUNK! This should be pretty simple since I am already eating a mass amount of vegetables daily with my meatless weekday challenge!

Stay as active as possible. Vow to get 10,000 steps on my pedometer daily.

How will I use my weekly points, you ask??

Well, guess what?? I'm human. I'm 24. I like to go out when my friends are in town and I like to DRINK! It's that simple. I plan to use my weekly points for alcohol.

Thankfully, Weight Watchers allows me to be just that - HUMAN.

On that note, I am looking forward to all the events coming up in the upcoming weekends!!! ESPECIALLY my graduation next week!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday!


safire said...

Social eating is definitely challenging especially with the warmer months and more get togethers! It sounds like you are already preparing yourself to handle it though so you will be great!

Have a wonderful weekend!

DaphneCT said...

Spring has sprung and the fun begun :) LOL kudos to you for using your WP and let's not for get those AP's because I know that through all the really good times you'll be getting your workouts in I'm sure! I'm so excited for your graduation. I know what that feels like to attend school with a full time family in place and full time job! Girl I cried tears of joy and relief all throughout my ceremony! And yes Ma'am you are HUMAN and I love that you don't let us forget it!! High Five and Have Fun :)

Anonymous said...

We get it. You're perfect. Get over yourself.

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

You are right, Anonymous. I am perfect. Thank you for the acknowledgement. :)

Elaine Steele said...

@anonymous You sooo do not KNOW Krystle, if you did you would not say that. Her motivation is purely selfless and only a means to share what she has learned along her journey to help others. Get over YOURSELF!!!

Teresa Halminton said...

Summer festivals must be great!
things to do

Rosie said...

Thank you for sharing your post, that's so nice and interesting. I learn a lot from your ideas and the way you arranged them. Hope to see more posts on your blog.

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