Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My New Tuesday Night Routiune!

For the first time in all 13 seasons of The Biggest Loser, I have become an avid viewer. I somehow got completely sucked in!! My reason in the past for not watching it was because it seemed unrealistic to me and in many ways, I still feel that way. I get very frustrated during weigh in when they lose 6lbs and aren't HAPPY. I would be bouncing off the walls with excitement if I lost 6lbs in one week. I digress. 

This season, my boyfriend and I got hooked!! I'll give my opinions on the show at the end. First I want to tell you about my new Tuesday night routine (that just started last night....but it WILL be a weekly thing!) 

My friend Amanda and I were texting each other last night during The Biggest Loser saying how we still had to workout today but we had to wait for our kids to go to bed and, of course, wait until The Biggest Loser was over but geez, two hours long?? We will be so tired by the time it's over. So I suggested that we challenge each other to workout during the commercials and it turned into a hell of a workout!!! I'm actually really sore today!!!

Every commercial break we came up with a workout that we would do until the show came back on and we would push ourselves as hard as we could during those 4-5 minutes. (Side note: we didn't come up with the idea until we were an hour into the show so next week will be even better!) My boyfriend and his brother, who were watching the show with me, jumped in on the action too!

1st commercial set: as many crunches as you can do (I did 100 crunches and 10 full situps)
2nd commercial set: as many side crunches as you can do or ab variations. (I did 115 different variations)
3rd commercial set: Pushups and planks (I did 10 regular pushups, 15 modified, and I regular planked through 2 whole commercials and side planked one on each side through 2 commercials)
4th commercial set: Squats!! (I did 90 squats with my kettle bell with a lateral raise and then a holding squat at the end. )
5th commercial set: More crunches!! (I did 115 on my stability ball) 
6th commercial set: Cardio!! We did one workout for each commercial and when the commercial switched, we switched workouts. So it went run in place, high knees, butt kicks, mountain climbers, start over! That was a good sweat!!!

That added up to be a pretty good workout and that was only an hour of the show! Next week we will be starting at the beginning. The bottom line here is NO EXCUSES!! You can still do what you enjoy while reaching for your goals. We could have easily said "Biggest Loser is on...let's wait until tomorrow to workout" but we didn't. We pushed and we got the job done!

Now.......the show. 

To sum it up:
Dolvett is one fine brotha!
Adrian talks way too much. I'm glad he went home. But I do agree that they didn't give him a chance.
Conda needs her butt kicked. She needs to shut her mouth and stop worrying about what everybody else is doing.
The red team, in general, annoys me - aside from Santa - he's a cool guy.
I like Kim and I agree she should get some of Dolvett's check after how she held her team together last night.
Losing 13lbs in one week is NUTS!!
Losing 6lbs in one week is still so incredible, I wish they would stop boo-hooing over losses like that. It makes me sick.
I'm addicted.
Next week is going to be full of drama with Conda and Daphne and I can't wait.

Check out my size SMALL jacket I bought yesterday!!!

  • A special request from a blog reader about my journey with fitness. 
  • My review on an article in the New York Times about Weight Watchers. 
  • A change in my fitness plans (Insanity, running, 30 day shred) 
  • An interview with a dear friend of mine, and incredible weight loss success story!
Stay tuned!!



Sherrie said...

I ****love**** the idea of planning a workout on commercial breaks of Biggest Loser! I am totally borrowing that idea! I've been a big fan of BL since the first season, I literally plan my Tuesday around the show- get dinner and laundry done in plenty of time so there are no distractions, help my son with his homework before dinner so I don't miss a thing! I even limit my Tuesday workouts to walking on my lunchbreak so that I'm free for BL- no more, now I can add some great circuit training in thanks to your great idea!
(And BTW, I have to agreee that Dolvett is a delight to look at. Bob isn't too bad either, but Dolvett is...extra tasty!)

RubyAlison said...

Sometimes I use commercial breaks to do house cleaning, or chores. Sometimes I'll get up and walk in place. I'm going to try doing more exercise though. And more variety. That's a great work out you got in!

I often watch the Biggest Loser. I like to see people change. However I am frustrated a lot by it too because it seems like so much they put the game play above the health. And what they do on the show for exercise is just not realistic in every day life for the average person. Working out six hours a day is just not normal! I understand that it is just a TV show though so try to take it in context.

I'm excited and looking forward to all of your upcoming blogs posts!

And cute jacket :-)

Fit Mom said...

Awesome idea working out during commercial breaks. And I like that it is a circuit style too!

I am hooked on BL too. And yes! Dolvett is HOT!

Trina said...

That's a great idea. I hardly sit down and watch TV. Most of the time when I watch it's something that I have DVRed. Next time I will let the commercials play and get my workout on. I am not a fan of BL. And yes it is unrealistic. I would be fine as cat hair if I had access to that state of the art gym 24/7, a personal trainer, and healthly food as far as the eye can see!!!

manths said...

I LOVE the Biggest Loser - living in the UK we have our own Biggest Loser but on satellite I can also get Biggest Loser USA (probably many series behind) but I am hooked to both!! I love your idea of exercising in adverts I might have to try that!!
Keep up the good work!!
Sam xx

Eve said...

What an awesome idea!! I agree that Adrian was his own worst enemy! I mean, he just didn't know when to zip it! lol - And all that nonsense when he was eliminated - what is that all about?!?!

Seriously though, although the weight losses are unrealistic for someone at home - it shows people that if they can work out for six hours a day - then YOU/US can get there and work out for an hour. No matter what size you are =)

PS. You are so right about Dolvett - his smile is just to die for! =)

bakingteacher said...

New to your blog and wanted to say hello. What a fab idea to do during the commercials! Going to use that when I watch the UK version this week. Thanks for the great idea!

Teresa Halminton said...

Wow, 100 crunches. Thank you for sharing :) I think I also should change some details in mine.
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