Monday, February 6, 2012

GO GO GO GO GO GO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Positive self talk. I've talked about it before and I'm about to talk about it again! I had a HUGE NSV yesterday. Many of you read about it on my Facebook but here, I am going to break down how it all went down!!

So...I may do a lot of high intensity workouts. (SIDE NOTE: Insanity is being placed on hold. More about that later) . I do Turbo Fire and have done Insanity workouts and I workout for extended periods of time BUT one thing that has always been a HUGE challenge for me is running. A while back, I started training to run the Weight Watchers 5K and I ended up hurting my foot early on in the training.......then my back........but that's another story. So, I put the training on hold. After I got better (for the most part), I just never went back to it. I jogged on occasion but it wasn't much.

The longest I have been able to run without having to stop was 1/4 mile and at the VERY VERY MOST 5 minutes at a slow rate of speed. That was until yesterday afternoon.

I got on the treadmill yesterday with no clear expectations. I just knew I was going to workout for a half hour and do whatever needed to be done to break a sweat.

Here is how the conversation with myself went down: 

"Okay...let's warm up and see how we feel - 5 minutes"

"Feeling good...jog for a bit...see if you can go 5 minutes of can do that"

"You know what? Let's worry about distance instead of time"

"Run for 1/4 mile, Krystle. You can do that"

"Okay....coming up on 1/4 mile....let's try to do a half. I know it's a stretch but you can do it! Just focus!"

"Oh wow....almost at 1/2 mile and you're not completely winded??? Might as well keep going!!"

"1/2've never run a mile in your life....but you're half way there now - KEEP GOING!"

"5 minutes has passed...but we're not worried about time...just keep pushing"


"Can you make it to 3/4 mile??? YES, YES you can! You made it this far!! CHECK YOU OUT!"

"We're cruising! 6.0mph ??! Get em girl!"

"How would it feel to announce to your blog readers that you ran a mile today for the first time ever?"

"I would feel freakin' GREAT"

"'re in a tunnel....the 100lbs light is in for it, Krystle! Go GET IT!"


"100lbs! 100 freaking pounds.....make those fat cells CRY!! CRY BABY CRY!!"

"Holy sh*t! You're almost there!!!"



"I SAID......YOU'RE NOT TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO!!!!!!!"

"Krystle Bailey - YOU have just completed your first ONE MILE RUN for the first time in YOUR LIFE!!!"

and then I let out a big WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! (Except that part wasn't in my head...that was out loud!" and a few tears and a BIG smile!!!!

This is what I'm talking about. I AM my own coach. There was nobody in that gym with me pushing me. There was nobody reminding me of what I'm working for. There was nobody yelling in my face to keep going. Nobody except MYSELF! I pushed through the pain. I pushed through the doubt. I pushed and I pushed and I overcame and for the first time in my life, I ran a mile - and it didn't take me 45 minutes like it did in high school!! It actually took me 10 minutes!!

then I went and took this picture of my proud face!

*I can't wait to do it again tonight!*

Be your own coach. Nobody can do this for YOU except YOU!


Fit Mom said...

Congrats to you on your first mile. I am sure you will become addicted to running...I know I did, and that was something I never, ever thought would happen!

Unknown said...

GIRL ! That's one heck of a post! SUPER HIGH FIVE !!! And you look amazing !!!! :)


safire said...

Thanks for the comment! I had to check your blog out. Congratulations on ALL your successes. Fabulous :)

Jamie Danielle said...

2 thumbs up girl, that's amazing :)

Adrien said...

so amazing girl!! i've been following your blog since i read your article in the press of ac. you are such an inspiration to me....i'm actually on week 4 of the 5k program (i actually printed out the training schedule from your blog post awhile ago)
i've lost 10 pounds since november and am super pumped to be working out and meeting my goals :)

Unknown said...

That is so awesome!!!

I love the self-talk that comes our during a run!! HA, mine in the fall was "If they can do it on Biggest Loser, SO CAN YOU".

Eve said...

I smile every time I read your blog!! You are wonderful and a great inspiration!!! You look super fit in your photo!! Keep on going girl! You will be at 100lbs lost in NO time!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I know what a huge accomplishment that is! I remember how proud I felt when I ran my first mile. Take is slow and easy so you don't injure yourself, that's the mistake I made in the beginning.

Unknown said...

Congrats, girl! That is a great accomplishment. I'm proud of ya!

Unknown said...

This is fabulous and what a big smile you have in the picture, remember this picture and this feeling!
Keep up the amazing work.

Sherrie said...

This post was so inspiring, thanks for sharing your success with us. YOU ARE A can't deny it, go with it! I love the self talk, it's such a powerful tool and I'm glad that you are making such excellent use of it. (BTW, 6 MPH is nothing to sneeze at- that's what I've been trying to maintain on my jump from running a 5K distance to a 10K distance and it's a good challenge.)

DaphneCT said...

That's right honey be your own coach!!! I am so excited for you because I know exactly what this feels like and I'm telling you now you are about to find that you have a new love...RUNNING!! Congrats to you my dear friend and keep up the phenomenal work!!!

Rachel P said...

You are so inspiring! Well done girl *high fives* xx

Teresa Halminton said...

It's truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing!
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Sophie Grace said...

This is fabulous and what a big smile you have in the picture, remember this picture and this feeling baby names

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