Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some motivational randomness for the morning!

Hey all! This is just a really quick update. I'm headed out the door for a long day ahead filled with apts and school (Oh, joy!). But I realized I hadn't blogged in several days..almost a week actually!! So I just wanted to check in and say HEY!!

So, my 24th birthday is in 44 days and I set a short-term goal to lose 11 more pounds by then, which would put me at 90lbs gone!! That would be awesome. For once in my life, I'm not thinking about cake and food for my birthday but I'm thinking about what kind of "small" outfit I'm gonna wear and how many activity points I'll earn on the dance floor. I'm thinking The Pool at Harrah's...but it's still up in the air! Just looking forward to getting some friends together, putting on an awesome outfit, and shaking my thang!

I made an awesome meal last night. I just put it together as I went but what I did was cut up eggplant into cubes (season with S&P) and sauteed it with onions and olive oil in a pan then covered it in a can of fire roasted tomatoes, covered it and let it simmer for about 10 minutes then served it over brown rice. It was super yummy!! I also threw in a little chili powder for a little kick but that part is completely optional and I topped it with a lil Parmesan cheese before I ate it. Even my daughter ate it!!

Some Randoms...

I saw this & just loved it! No story to go with it..just a friendly reminder :) 

This goes along with my next picture & I will explain there....

I am NOT a biggest loser fan. I may be one of few weight loss fanatics that is not but I just think it's unrealistic to lose weight that fast. What goes up fast, comes down fast - I believe that statement with almost everything in life! 

We all have points where we want to say "Forget this.." but it's not worth it! NEVER GIVE UP!!

& matter how slow you think you're going, you're still running laps around everyone still sitting on the couch!

HEYYY all my new followers!!! Welcome aboard!! When we get to 100 followers, there's a giveaway coming!

Stay motivated people!! Have an awesome's ALMOST Friday!!



Kim Burns said...

Krystle-I was finally able to sign in!!!

B.H said...

You shoudl get a heart rate monitor watch and wear it on your bday to see how much you really do burn while you are out there! It would be an interesting obervation!

I love biggest looser =) I think something else to take in account is what we see as a week, for them is actually 9 days, most of these people are over 300lbs and therefor can drop more weight faster and would even not on the hsow if they just did a moderate workout and eat properly, as well as are under complete Dr care the whole time. So although I think to some people it gives a false impression, I think for those on the show this was their last stop before surgery. Plus I like teh competition =)lol

Keep it up your kickin a!

Unknown said...

I think its awesome that your birthday is coming up and your not thinking about cake, it just shows how much our thought processes have to change during this weight loss journey for it to really be a success.

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