Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reflections on the 1st year of the rest of my life!

What a year it has been!! As promised: My emotions, feelings, lessons, and ramblings about the 1st year of the rest of my life.

Things I've Learned:
  • You don't have to be on a die-it to lose weight. 
  • The only way you're going to be successful at losing weight is if you are doing it for YOU. 
  • Spinach is delicious. 
  • Support from family and friends goes a LONG WAY. 
  • I love to exercise. 
  • My metabolism has always been slow because I've always been slow. 
  • When you put your mind, body, and soul into reaching a goal - there is nothing that can hold you back. 
15 months ago I gave birth to the most beautiful girl on the planet, which changed my life completely!! Little did I know that that little 7lb, 15oz miracle would change my life in more ways than I could imagine. Yes, being a mommy is a wonderful journey in and of itself but my life was set on two new paths that day. It was time for me to lose this weight once and for all and be a good role model for my daughter.

and so my Weight Watchers journey began...

I knew Weight Watchers worked because I had lost a significant amount of weight on it in high school (Just to be gained back when I went to college) but this time was different. This time it wasn't for a man or to get attention from anyone. It was for ME and MY DAUGHTER. I set out full speed ahead on plan and haven't looked back since. 
This year has taught me so many things about health, fitness, and life in general. I am overwhelmed with emotions and thankfulness when I think about how far I have come and that I have stuck with it for a year. If I can do it that long, there is no turning back!! To turn back now would waste an entire year of my life and seeing how short life is, that's just not an option. 

Being heavy for so many years of my life and now being looked at as a "thin" woman or an "average" woman is something that is very hard to get used to yet at the same time, when I look back at my fat pictures, that seems like a distant memory. 

(Week 4 of Story of You answer - What is your inspiration?)

Along with all the other things that I listed above that I have learned this year, most importantly I have learned that the saying "Smile, you never know who is watching" has more truth to it than I ever could have imagined. I set out on this path to change my own life for the life of my daughter and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would aid in changing so many others' lives as well. Since about the time that I reached my 50lbs mark, I have been bombarded with people every single day asking me questions about Weight Watchers, about exercise, about how much water they should drink, tips on recipes, and so on and 15 or more people have signed up for Weight Watchers or re-joined after seeing my success. I can't count the number of times people have told me I am an inspiration....I still find that hard to accept sometimes! Incredible works of God using me so perfectly in His plan. 

I've learned that support and words of encouragement go a LONG way. Social networking has been key to my success. Being able to log onto the Weight Watchers site or Facebook and talk about my struggles as well as my victories has been such an awesome aspect of this journey. The encouragement I have gotten from friends and family when I post new pictures of myself has pushed me further and further. My Saturday morning phone calls to my mommy after weigh in every week, my compliments from my boyfriend about how I look, comments and love from my blog readers, all the people in my apartment building who have watched me shrink and always have a kind word, everything adds up to make this incredible support system that has honestly kept me pushing day in and day out. At this point, everyone is watching and waiting for me to reach my goal. You know how people say "People wait for you to fail." ? I disagree. I think in this case, people are waiting to see me succeed and I am forever grateful to each and every member of my support team!! 

Just a few of my weight loss warriors!

I have learned that sometimes changing the outside, can make a huge change on the inside. I never could have imagined the changes that would occur in my spirit and my personality just with changing my appearance. I am THE HAPPIEST I have been in my entire life. A lot of that is due to the fact that for the first time in my life I have an absolutely wonderful man by my side with an amazing, beautiful, loving daughter. But A LOT of it also has to do with my physical changes. I feel like I am walking on clouds every powerful yet delicate at the same time. The number on the scale is a great way to gauge my success but if it were based solely on the way I felt, I would already be at goal! I feel absolutely amazing. Shoot...I lost a 4th grader!! haha I dress nicer, I do my makeup nicer, I just simply care more about my appearance all around and if you ask me, it shows!! 

This year has been nothing short of amazing!! Now, I am looking forward. Looking forward to reaching my ultimate goal. Looking forward to continuing to help others. Looking forward to writing a book about this journey - I don't care if only my friends and family ever read it, I have a lot to say!! Looking forward to teaching my daughter healthy habits and looking forward to the day she realizes I did this because of her. 

I just know that God didn't bring me this far for nothing. I am on this earth to make a difference and I don't mean just in myself. I have some ideas in the making but just know that reaching my weight loss goal will not be the last of what you'll hear from KJB!!! 

Thank you all for being so awesome and being so supportive this past year and in the years to come!! I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Love always, 


Tara said...

So glad to hear you're having such an awesome year. By the way, you are gorgeous!!

Sarah said...

Yea for you! So many people get frustrated and give up, but you've been going strong for a year now! Let's hope that all the years to come are just as awesome!


Unknown said...

You have had a fantastic year and it shows, you should be so so proud of yourself. Its great that you are doing this for your daughter, she is going to be lucky to have you.

Your an inspiration to all your readers, and I cant wait for you to get to goal! Good luck with this next year.

Ffion said...

You have done amazingly well in a year! The most important thing is that you are HAPPY! ;)

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