Friday, September 23, 2011

Some Women Of Interest...

Hey lovely people! Lots to talk about today so sit down and relax :)

1st of all. Haters are going to be haters are going to be haters. And what do haters do? They spread rumors because it makes them feel better about themselves. Okay so I'm probably am really late on this but I don't really watch celebrity news like that BUT...I went to Google my girl Jennifer Hudson the other day and the first thing that came up after her name was "Jennifer Hudson Lap Band" and I was like HUH??! So I clicked. Did ya'll know that back in June after she fell ill with food poisoning, these jokers had the audacity to say she had complications with a lap band surgery that she never even had??? WHY? Because people are too dag on lazy to get off their butts to lose weight and get fit so if anyone else loses a significant amount of weight, they must have had surgery. Anyway, now that I realize how late I am on this subject, I'll leave it at that. Just know it boiled my blood. Lap Band weight loss happens over a period of months....slow and steady weight loss happens over a period of a couple years, such as Jennifer Hudson's journey. I'm looking forward to reading her book whenever it comes out....even though I feel some kind of way she can easily write this book and everyone will buy it and I desperately want to write a book and won't have it that easy lol but such is life. I love that woman!

On to more current news that peaked my interest this morning...

The Today Show had an interesting segment this morning about a young, plus size, lady who entered a plus size modeling contest as a joke and the interesting chain of events that followed. Nancy Upton was caught off guard when she saw an American Apparel plus size modeling contest titled "The Next Big Thing" that was looking for "Bootylicious" women for a photo shoot. Nancy's argument is essentially, why do plus size women have to be marketed to differently than "regular?" women? Why do they have to be "Bootylicious" instead of "Beautiful" ? She explains in her video (posted below) that she pictures these skinny chics in L.A. picturing plus size women as these people who just over eat and don't take care of themselves so as a joke, she entered these pictures.....& to her surprise she won! Watch the video to hear the rest of the story.

I happen to think this last one is pretty friggen awesome! lol

I say Good For Her!! I think she's super creative and I applaud her for sticking up for plus size women around the world. Even though my goal was to NOT be plus size anymore, when I was (well according to society I guess I still AM since size 12 is apparently plus size!) but anyway when I was bigger, I still embraced who I was. I even talked about starting a Miss Plus NJ contest after meeting Miss Plus Nevada a couple years ago. No matter what you look like, you need to be proud of who you are. *High five* to Ms. Nancy Upton for not being scared to show her personality & wit while at the same time showing that whether you're a size 18 or a size 0, all women can be BEAUTIFUL, not beautiful if you're skinny and bootyfull if you're heavy.

On that note, I Googled "Beautiful women" and this is a screen shot of what my results were:

I didn't see one "plus size" woman even when I continued to scroll down...I don't think I need to go into much detail as to why this saddens me. 

On a brighter note:
Weigh in is tomorrow and I'm anxious to see how my mom, step dad, and grandfather all did!! I'll keep you guys posted! Wish me luck. It's been another week of no workouts with this wonderful back of mine. Prayers are appreciated!!

"I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it." - Marilyn Monroe


Unknown said...

Its a shame really that plus size models arent seen as beautiful women because they still are or they wouldnt be modelling.

On other note, there will always be haters because for many people they fail at dieting so therefore come to assume that surgery is only way people can get skinny as so many people in society now are having it which i think again is wrong. Yes they lose weight, but your never be able to eat properly ever again and to me its the easy way out. I may struggle with my weight loss but if i keep going i know ill get there and it will be down to my own hard work.

Krystle kjb Bailey said...

I agree! It is sad that plus size models aren't always recognized for their beauty. I always wanted to be a plus size model even when I was a size 20 because I knew I was still beautiful! I wish all women recognized their true beauty. Thanks for reading Sarah!

Sophia said...

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