Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So thankful that "Thankful" isn't a good enough word!

man oh man.... 'thankful' is an understatement!! What am I thankful for?? This may be a long blog...

My God. I would be nothing without His unconditional love and guidance.

My guardian angel - my daddy. *sigh* Enough words can't be spoken about how much I miss that man. My first love.

My mother. My everything. Everything that I am I owe to her.

Elliana - my life and my breath. My daily reason for living. My heart and my soul.

Nick. My rock. My strength. My love. He makes my heart beat out of my chest. Aside from my mother, I've never met anyone who has supported my every decision.

Lexi. My sister. My best friend. My ride or die. My confidant.

The super important women in my life: My step mom, my sister Savana, Mom-mom, MMQ, Tierra, Tamara, my mother in law, Nanny, Aunt Cissy, Aunt Sandy.

The super important men in my life: My stepdad, Bo-Pop, my father in law, Uncle Jeff, Poppy, Nathifa's daddy!

My Fans. I would not be Skinny Jeans Dreams without you all!

My fans, turned friends: Aarin, Janet, Nathifa, Frank, Ivette, Kimberly, the list goes on..

Diane Jackson - the first person to suggest I start a blog to begin with. The person who essentially made me "Skinny Jeans Dreams" and didn't take "no" for an answer when I said "I have nothing to say".

Nicole. The person I will take over the world with.

My home.
My nourishment.
The clothes on my back.
My faith.
A warm bed to sleep in.

Daniell - for not only being a friend but for convincing me that Beachbody was for me and opening a door of opportunity that I had been so afraid of.

An able body, despite my injuries and setbacks.

The internet. A place to share my journey and help so many others.

My way with words.

My willingness to share myself.

Work. Income.

My appreciation for life.


I am so beyond THANKFUL that "Thankful" isn't even a good enough word.

Wishing you all a VERY VERY Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! I don't have any words of advice on what you should or shouldn't eat or how you should act on  Thanksigiving. My word of advice is ENJOY YOUR LIFE. It's the only one you have!!! Accept that you are more than just this fitness journey. You have so much to offer the world. Health is SO important but not just in the physical form - mind, body, and soul.

Give yourself a hug from Skinny Jeans Dreams and send one to your family too.

I love you all.


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