Friday, November 16, 2012

My Room

One day....when I have lots of money....I'll have a house.

And in that house I'll have a room.

My room. 

I'm writing this blog as a dream and a future plan so I can look back when I get to where I want to be and say "I DID IT" .

The room will be all MINE. There will be a flat screen TV and racks of my workout DVD's. There will be my babies aka my SelectTech dumbbells, a treadmill, a weight bench, barbell, and other workout goodies....

But more important than just the workout gear, there will be my "space" where I can go to unwind, think, set new goals, plan, and pray.

The walls will be covered. I will draw on them with words and doodles that inspire me, post workouts, inspirational quotes, progress pictures of me as well as people who inspire me, self affirmations, and anything else that makes me happy.

One thing there WON'T BE is a scale. 

On the door to "my room" there will be a reminder that in this room, there is only positive energy allowed.

The words don't really describe how I picture it....but it will be great.

I'll post pics when I get there!!



1qtnewf said...

I LOVE IT! That room will also be the room where you continue to inspire others....including me.

As I continue to struggle, emotionally and physically, with this journey, I am thankful for people like you. :)

Unknown said...

I think that sounds like wonderful!! Ioften dream when I am buy my first home I will have my own yoga room :)

Unknown said...

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