Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Well, what is it?? - BB Coach Brief

It's official.

After over a year of contemplating this opportunity and countless coaches telling me I should consider it, I finally became friends with Daniell, who convinced me enough was enough - it's time. 

What does being a Beachbody coach entail?? 

Basically everything I am already doing as "Skinny Jeans Dreams" except it allows me to reach more people, help more people, change more lives, while also giving me the opportunity to essentially start a business.

There are no certifications or special requirements to be a coach - just a willingness to help people and the desire to get and stay in shape and live the healthiest life possible. It also helps if you enjoy and use and talk about the programs that Beachbody offers (Reference my constant pictures and posts about Turbo Fire and Insanity - both Beachbody programs) !!

^ ^ ^  After reading the above, and if you have been following my page for any period of time, you can see why this is a perfect fit for me!!

So what changes??


Whether or not you are on TeamBeachBody.com, whether or not I am your assigned coach, I am still Krystle. I am still Skinny Jeans Dreams. And I am still here to help any and everybody who comes to me with questions, comments, needs advice, just wants to talk, whatever! I have done that since day 1 and will continue to do so.

Beachbody just gives me the opportunity to take what I am already doing and grow as an individual by working with thousands of people after the same goals, meet new people, and to grow a business at the same time.

How do I make money? 

When someone is interested in buying a Beachbody program and does so through my coach page (providing they do not already have an assigned coach), I will earn money and as I grow my team (i.e. bring new coaches on board with me) I will earn money as well.

This is a great opportunity for me grow and I thank you in advance for all your support!!! I am very much looking forward to what the future holds for me!

If you have any more questions regarding this or you would like to talk about Beachbody programs/coaching opportunities, please email me directly at KrystleOnFire@gmail.com 

In health and fitness,
Skinny Jeans Dreams 


Jenn said...


Daphne said...

Congrats to you :) I'm sure you're going to be a fabulous Coach!!

Melissa said...

That is awesome, you are going to be a great coach. I am also a Beach Body Coach. Look for me so we can team up. beachbodycoach.com/melissacamacho

Anonymous said...

Hey, I really like your blog, though I've never had to take this sort of journey, it's nonetheless inspiring. Anyway, I thought you deserved the Beautiful Blogger Award. Come to my blog: aestueve.wordpress.com to see what it is all about!

I'm only supposed to nominate 15, but I nominated 16--you're lucky number 16.

Losinginthecity said...

that's awesome. congratulations.

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