Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fit Bloggin' Roomie Challenge!!

So you know I freakin ADORE these ladies, right??! Above is a picture of Tasha and Jill - my Fit Bloggin' roommates. A few weeks before Fit Bloggin', I still didn't know where I was going to stay so I jumped on Twitter and started asking around and I am so glad I did! These two girls were my long lost friends that I just hadn't met yet. We also roomed with Sue, who is super cool as well and I don't want to leave her out - I am introducing Tasha and Jill for purposes of the rest of this post!

One weekend was not nearly long enough for us to meet, decide we liked each other - A LOT - and then spend time together. I was so sad when we had to leave each other!

When we all got home, we decided that we couldn't possibly wait until Fit Bloggin' 13 to hang out again and Tasha (who lives in TX) and Jill (who lives in AL) decided that they were going to set a challenge for themselves to lose 25-30lbs by January with the reward being a trip to NJ to see ME!

But if you know ME....You know I'm a team player and there was NO way that they were heading into this challenge alone! So I told them to count me in and I would tweak a few things to fit where I am at in my journey.

 Here are the rules:

1. Drink 100+oz of water a day
2. Track every day.**
3. Workout five times a week
4. Incorporate weight lifting or resistance training into at least
three of the five workouts
5. Blog three times a week
6. Post/email measurements monthly
7. Weigh in weekly (on Tuesdays) and report either via email or on your blog**
9. Take a picture every week and either post or email so we can see progression.

** The crossed out rules are the ones that I am tweaking and replacing with two of my own to fit where I am with my journey.

# 2: I am working on not tracking every day but using all my lessons and everything I know to make healthy decisions and maintain my weight. I haven't tracked in over a week and so far, it's going really well!!

#7: In my effort to break my crazy, obsessive addiction to the scale, I am weighing in every other week and only at Weight Watchers.

  • I gave up alcohol until I go to Vegas in January with the exception of my birthday (Nov. 5)
  • I also gave up sugary desserts even in small portions - the less I eat it, the less I crave it. 

Ready. Set. GO! 

I can't wait to see my girls again and their progress!

To follow their blogs:
Jill is at My Crazy Beautiful Life
Tasha is at Lettuce Makes me Fat

Both of their blogs are being revamped a little bit but will be up and running this week!



Jenn said...


Ms. Lettuce Makes Me Fat said...

I'm so happy you are doing this with us!!! And I can't wait to get a comparison photo in January!! Because you KNOW we're gonna rock this and come visit our girl! Can't wait to see you!! Hugs!

too many exclamation points? I don't care!!! :p

Carbie Girl said...

Isn't jillian just a ray of peppy sunshine? I told her I was super jealous that I couldn't make it to fit bloggin but perhaps another time. Glad to see you ladies had fun!!

Losinginthecity said...

you guys are awesome and i kind of what in on this challenge :-) good luck to you all..for some reason i can't leave a comment with my info (but it's Cassandre from Losing In the City :-)

Gladys Holly said...

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