Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Somewhere in between

I'm at a weird place in life... somewhere between wanting to be better and being okay with where I'm at.

I can't really explain it....but I kinda like it. I guess because 99% of the time I am working so hard on being a better me, that it's a bit awkward feeling content and there is a fine line between being content and being complacent and may sound contradictory.

In my humble opinion:
Content is a happy feeling.
Complacent is a feeling of not caring.

I always care.

But this "content" thing is something that comes and goes. I like it when it's here. The alternative is stress and anxiety about THINGS, numbers, decisions, etc... You can be content and still want to be better though, if you ask me. I guess I just want to be better in different ways than I am used to.

I am so used to wanting to be better physically and suddenly I want to be better mentally. I want to really get in tune with Krystle and just BE!

I took a boot camp class at Fit Bloggin' and I became pretty good friends with the trainer who led the class. Her name is Erin. Erin's zest and energy for life was so inspiring. She is the epitome of being all you can be but being okay with where you are at at that day and time - every day is worth celebrating even if you are not exactly where you want to be in life. I'm so glad to be friends with someone to gives off 110% positive energy. It's refreshing!

 Can I just say that the freedom from the scale has been liberating???! I do, however, have to weigh in this week for the sake of working for Weight Watchers. Since being back from Fit Bloggin, I have been working on reading more blogs (which I tend to be pretty sucky at keeping up on!) but I was reading none other than Roni Noone's blog - the creator of Fit Bloggin - and I read a post that was titled "No judgement, just notice". (Click the link to read it). My plan when I weigh in this week, as Roni mentioned when posting that blog, is to just notice the number on the scale rather than let it define me or to base my mood around whatever it has to say. It's just a tool.

I like being me.
I like where I am at in life right here, right now. 
I'm not going to let anything change that for me. 



Cowgirl Warrior said...

Love love the just notice. I'll be doing that at weigh in this week. Thank you for posting that.

Unknown said...

Very interesting post thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Being content is what I strive for and many other people too. It is a tough journey but well worth it.

Daphne said...

This is a really interesting post. It has me thinking especially aboutt he power that we put into a #. Prior to reaching goal weight initially my journey started with a focus on size (a #) then it became about getting to a healthy weight (a #) & now that I too am employeed with WW (which I love love love) there's still some focus on staying at a healthy weight (a #) & I must say. I'm still all about the 3-digit # and I'm not too sure I look beyond that. But I love your new energy and drive. May we all continue to grow mentally!

Paige said...

I use to be a person that weighed myself everyday and multiple times a day. I knew it was unhealthy and finally decided to make a change. I started using www.fullbar.com and threw away my scale. Using this program I ended up going down a jean size in a month!! I have also been able to maintain this for over a year. I occasionally weigh myself at the gym now and am down 15lbs in a year. It has been liberating and life changing. Fullbar taught me how to eat right and stop when I am full.

Tigerlilly said...

Hello, my name is Tigerlilly and I am a scale addict.

I am working very hard on not letting the number on the scale define who I am. But it seems that the smaller I get the more 'me' I become.

Great post... thanks!

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Alex said...
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