Monday, August 13, 2012

T-Shirt Design Contest!

Hey my lovely friends!!

Here's the deal:

You want Skinny Jeans Dreams shirts, you got 'em! But YOU have to be a part of the process. I am hosting a t-shirt design contest!

You have from now until August 24th to submit your designs for the t-shirt. Right before I leave for vacation that weekend, I will set it up so you will ALL get a chance to vote for your favorite design. When I get back from vacation in the first week of September, I will pick a winner and production will begin!

The winner will receive their shirt for FREE! 

I will be taking pre-payments for shirts, so that I can assure everyone gets the correct size. I don't want to order in bulk and not have enough of the right size for each individual. I will provide you with more details on the shirts once the contest is complete.

So hop to it!!

IMPORTANT: The only entries that will be considered are those sent to my email address!!! SKINNYJEANSDREAMS@GMAIL.COM


Daphne said...

I wish that I had a creative mind!!! I will however pre-order my t-shirt and I do wish all those who enter the absolute best!!! Have fun with it :)

Dani said...

This sounds fun!! What a great Idea!!

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