Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A little persistence: My 1st Race

I've WALKED in a bazillion 5K's (even before my weight loss began). I have always done things for charity and such so walking a 5K was no big thing. Last year, when the WW Walk-It Challenge started, I decided I was going to train to run the 5K. I started by running 30 seconds at a time, then 1 minute at a time, followed by 1 minute of walking....and so on.

In a blog, dated April 13, 2011 (that you can read here) I talk about how I am up to running 3 minutes at a time but that I am nervous because in a few days I am supposed to be running 7 minutes at a time and "Krystle Bailey simply can not run for 7 minutes at a time" ........

Sooo...if you have been following my blog for a while and even if you haven't, you know that I am injury prone!!! I never used to be this way...but then again, I never used to be active. So shortly after I started to train to run that 5K, I also began Turbo Fire. A week into Turbo Fire, I fell and "sprained" my ankle (Which actually turned out to be a small fracture but that's another story for another day). So, needless to say I couldn't run. That didn't keep me from walking though! I went on to walk that 5K despite my discouraging injury and I put running on hold.

at the finish line of the Walk-It Challenge 5K

a closer pic from April 2011
Fast forward.....I start running again....back injury....can't run......

Fast forward again........

May 12, 2012.

I had been running again for a couple of months on and off. I do what I can, when I can given my several injuries that act up now and again. A week prior to this date, I learned that the Shirley Mae Breast Cancer 5K run was coming up on Saturday. Sooo....why not? I can try to run it and see how far I get. My boyfriend agrees and we decide to run it together.

Race Day. I set 3 goals for myself:
  1. Don't be the first one to take a walking break.
  2. Don't stop running until you at least reach the half way point.
  3. Finish in under 35 minutes.

-It was exhilarating to see people stop to walk while I still had more to give and was passing them!

-Half way seemed like forever but I ran all the way and then some before I took a walking break!

-Not only did I finish in under 35 minutes.......

OFFICIAL CHIP TIME: 32:30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I placed 485 out of 673.

**and for the record, I beat my boyfriend by 30 seconds!

In the blog mentioned before, I said "This time next year my blog will be saying "I lost 100lbs and have ran several marathons!" Stay tuned!! ;)"

Well friends, it's "this time next year" and I LOST 102lbs! Unfortunately, when I posted this I didn't know how many injuries I would suffer but I am proud to say that I have finally RUN my first official 5K race and have never given up!!!

A setback is simply a setup for a comeback!

*with that being said, I am dealing with a foot injury currently but after posting this blog today, I know that I will only continue to reach for my goals despite the speed bumps in the road!!*

I look forward to seeing what I will be posting this time next year!!



Anonymous said...

So proud of you!!! You look fabulous. I am training to run a half marathon but it will not be awhile and so I am walking a half marathon in two weeks. I am hoping I make it. Your blog and your posts are so inspiring.

Alzabees said...

KJB, You had a great 5K! I love how you describe the feelings that you had before, during and after. I could relate to so much of it! I hope your injuries are a thing of the past and that you'll be able to run free!

See ya' at the finish line, my dear!

Unknown said...

well done thats amazing considering all the issues you have had with injuries. You look fantastic and it shows all your hard work this year has paid off!

good luck with any future ones!

Tere said...

Congratulations. That is awesome... and you are looking good. Keep up the hard work.

Unknown said...

I have just started following your blog and you have been SUCH AN INSPIRATION! I have tried several times to lose weight only to give up before I can reach my goal. I, too am training for a 5k at the end of June, using the Coach Potato to 5K program. Last night I felt so defeated when I struggled through the 90 second run. But like a ray of sunshine, your post! I won't give up! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

First, you look FANTASTIC! Congratulations on your weight-loss, over 100 lbs, wow! Also, congratulations on your race time, what an accomplishment. You're an inspiration and give me hope. Thanks.

Unknown said...

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