Sunday, May 20, 2012

Surviving the Buffet - A Skinny Jeans 12 Step Plan

So this week, of all weeks, happens to be my boyfriend's father's birthday. My boyfriend wants to take him and the family to the buffet at Harrah's Casino. This week I also happen to be trying to reach my goal weight. 2.2lbs left to lose. My plan to do this has been to not use any or to only use very few weekly points and stick to my daily points allowance.


ehh....maybe. But thankfully I know how to survive the buffet and I am 1,000% sure I will do so!!!

Some may look at a buffet and see a disaster waiting to happen. That used to be me! However, in the past year and a half, being that we live in Atlantic City and gamble pretty often, I have been to a bazillion buffets and just about have it down to a science and I see the buffet as an unlimited amount of fruits, vegetables, salad, and other power foods that KRYSTLE does not have to prepare!

Here is my 12-Step program for surviving the buffet. I am not a PRO, but I have survived it before so here is what works for me and my plan for tomorrow:

Step 1: Plan ahead. Choose to follow the Simply Filling plan for the day where you just eat power foods OR plan ahead by eating foods low in points for the beginning of the day, focusing on fruits and vegetables and things that will keep you full for longer periods of time and not have you hungry, hungry by the time you reach the buffet. I think I'm going with the latter tomorrow.

Step 2: Drink a butt load of water before you get to the buffet so your tummy feels satisfied.

Step 3: Sit down at your table, get a drink, and hang out for a little before hitting the food.

Step 4: Salad table first. Mainly veggies/beans/etc.. Very little (or none at all) cheese/croutons/etc... I also plan to bring my spray bottle of balsamic vinegar (0PPs)

Step 5: Eat slowly. Enjoy the company. Don't rush to finish your plate to get to the main course.

Step 6: Digest your salad. Assess how hungry you still are, if at all.

Step 7: Scan the ENTIRE buffet before making a decision on another plate. Take note of all the healthy options: Fish, vegetables, meat with no breading or sauces....

Step 8: Choose your veggies and fill half your plate with them.

Step 9: Choose your protein and have ONE serving. Just because there is a whole tray doesn't mean you need to get 3 servings worth.


Step 11: Remind yourself this isn't the last time you will see macaroni and cheese/ribs/fried chicken and this isn't the last time you will EAT! You don't need to eat like you never have before. You are most likely full at this point.

Step 12: Order coffee to distract your mouth and your mind from the dessert tray but if you MUST, find the smallest dessert there is and enjoy it then call it a night!

I also plan to write my anchor on my finger again tomorrow. The last two days, I have had the word "FOCUS" written on the side of my pointer finger and this has been HUGE for me. I got through this weekend with only using a few of my weekly points and not feeling like I have to do the Monday Morning Cleanup for my weekend actions!



Anonymous said...

I love this!!!! Such great tips. I can totally see being successful doing these things.

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Teresa Halminton said...

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