Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A track-less week

It's been a week and a half that I haven't tracked and other than my one Weight Watchers weigh in, it has been that long since I have weighed myself and I honestly could not be happier!!

Disclaimer: I swear by Weight Watchers and having a plan to follow in order to lose weight. 

But I do think that there comes a time when you can take everything you learned from a certain program and apply it to life. You go to college, you follow a program, you learn lessons, you make mistakes, you get good grades, bad grades, and when you're done you don't forget everything you learned while you were there just because you don't have homework anymore. Similarly, I think there comes a point in this journey that you can gather up all your lessons and APPLY them.

Which is what I am working on... 

I have not felt "full" all this time. I have been very aware of when I am hungry and when I'm not. I have also found that I have eaten way less junk that I would typically throw into my menu simply because "I have points for it". Since I don't know how many points I am using or not using, I am really focusing in on healthy foods and hunger signals as well as the importance of keeping up on my workouts - not because I know I need the activity points but because I know that working out is part of living a long term healthy lifestyle.

I can't say for sure if this is a success for the simple fact that I have not weighed myself either. All I know is that I FEEL good. My clothes are fitting wonderfully. I haven't felt bloated in over a week AT ALL. The less sugary desserts I indulge in, the less I want it and saying "no" is becoming easier and easier. I'm HAPPY....and not stressed!

Working on creating healthy habits for life. 


#fatfreefloozy said...

I find that letting a tiny bit of sugar into my life sends me into craving spirals! But cutting it out completely is soooo hard! Can't wait to find that happy place!

Bridgit said...

I love it, Krystle! I can completely understand where you are coming from, by not wanting the scale to always dictate your eating, and your life. Kudos to you for learning how to recognize what your body is telling you! Xoxo. Also, be sure to follow be at Getting Healthy with B on blogspot, as well as Facebook.

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