Friday, March 1, 2013

Guest post: Fitness and Cancer by: Melanie Bowen

 Hey there!! I know I have been out of the blogging world for quite some time - Faceboook and life have been keeping me rather busy. I was approached by a women named Melanie who asked if she could guest post on my blog about the connection between fitness and cancer. Here is her write up, I hope you enjoy:

How Does Fitness Interact With Cancer?

From breast cancer to prostate cancer, all the way to mesothelioma, fitness has
been linked to helping fight a number of different cancers. While it is not a cure,
studies have consistently shown that exercising plays an important role in preventing
and fighting cancer. Scientists have found some correlations as to how fitness plays
into the equation and here are a few of these theories and what they might indicate.

Fitness and Obesity

One of the most important ways that fitness can help improve your general health is
by fighting obesity. Obesity has been linked to a number of medical conditions, and
those who maintain a healthy weight are far more likely to live long, healthy lives and
therefore have a lower risk of developing cancer. Some were skeptical about the link
obesity has to many different types of cancer, however studies have shown that the
effects that being overweight has upon the body as a whole, proves to make it more
difficult for your body to fight off infection. Obesity puts added strain on many of the
body’s functions and organ systems, which consequently makes it harder for the
body to be most efficient and therefore prevents the body from fighting cancer at its
optimum level.

Further Anti-Cancer Benefits

Many researchers were surprised to find that high levels of physical activity
prevented cancer even when obesity is controlled for. While obesity reduction
certainly plays a role in fighting cancer, fitness does appear to have some additional
benefits. The exact mechanism of this preventative effect is unknown, but many
points have shown to link cancer and fitness. A few examples include improved
circulation, increased muscle strength, improved emotional state, and reduction in
developing other conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Helping During Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy is notoriously challenging, and most who suffer from cancer find it
to be the most difficult part of their fight. Again, studies have shown that fitness can
help ease some of the pain experienced. People undergoing chemotherapy often
find their energy levels drop significantly; fitness can help them maintain their energy
levels for a longer period of time. In addition, proper fitness can boost mental health
tremendously through the release of endorphins. Endorphins help to improve the
mood, which can help fight against the depression and anxiety that often comes with

Faster Recovery

Recovering from cancer will always take time regardless of the patient's fitness level
before undergoing treatment. Getting back in the habit of exercising regularly is
believed to help significantly. In addition, fitness has also been linked to a decreased

risk of recurrence. It will certainly take some time to reclaim lost energy, but those
who begin early can get on the road to recover quickly.



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