Friday, February 15, 2013

KalorieBox Giveaway

Hey hey, time for a giveaway!!

So I was asked by the folks at KalorieBox to review one of their monthly boxes of goodies and in turn, to give one to one of you lucky readers!!

The idea behind each KalorieBox is simple: for every packaged food item you toss in your grocery cart, there is almost always a better option, and it's our mission to put those options in your pantry to try each month.

A monthly box of low calorie, healthy food alternatives starting at $17 a month. For every box that they deliver, they donate a meal to a hungry child in need.

Here is what was in my box:

Everything in the box was pretty yummy! My favorite was the peeled mango and the cheese thinables (though slightly addicting, lower in calories than Cheez Its!)

I love the concept of delivering healthy snacking options to your door every month that you might not otherwise pick up in the store and of course, feeding a child in need puts a smile on my face!! The price - starting at $17, I would say is a little on the high end for what you get but if it's in your budget, then it's worth it!

See for yourself - enter for your chance to win a box of your own to review!! Like them and tweet them and tell them Skinny Jeans Dreams sent you! You have until 2/17 to get in your entries!!

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Missa said...

Hi! Just found your blog from peace love and low carb. Anyway have a question for you.Due to injury I am unable to run, do intense workouts etc. I've had back surgery and have a dislocated patella. I've lost 60 lbs in 2005 gained back roughly 35..I also have a thyroid issue. What would you suggest for low impact? Would that even work? I feel like I need to loose around 70 lbs. Feeling down! I have tried replacinga meal with BSN sytha6 I gained! And I have loose did you get so toned??

Stuart said...

Hey to missa, would the patella issue stop you from swimming laps, or aqua aerobics even?
Anyway i'm a little late here, but this was a cool post. I've never come across these little things before... how to people come up with these ideas? no seriously, how do they do it? I need to come up with something that will make me some money!
thanks for sharing

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